A monologue from the play by Neith Boyce

  • NOTE: This monologue is reprinted from The Provincetown Plays: Third Series. New York: Frank Shay, 1916.
  • HILDA: You see. You see what you've done? Both gone.... One of them wasn't enough for you. Paul wasn't enough. A man worth a million of you!... And you dare to throw him over and reach out for-- (Pause) I never thought much of you. Pretty, yes--and smart enough, and sweet-tempered--I've got used to having you about.... But when Paul brought you to me, I didn't take to you. I didn't trust you--I knew you weren't good enough for him. And I was right. He needed a real woman--you're only a pretty doll. Oh, I know he didn't see you as you are. He glorified you.... But he needed you--for what you call his dreams. And then you failed him. And now you want Karl. But you can't have him. You've come into this house and brought sorrow with you. You've waked the hatred between those two--the thing I've struggled against always. You were a fool to think you could play with them both and do no harm.