A monologue from the novel by H. G. Wells

  • NOTE: This monologue is reprinted from The Invisible Man. H.G. Wells. London: C. Arthur Pearson, 1897.
  • KEMP: My friends, unless we capture the madman, he will rule us with an iron fist. It will not be easy to effect his capture, but it is possible. We must begin at once. Every available man must get to work. If we do not catch Griffin, he will roam the countryside at will, killing and maiming at every turn. First, set a watch on every train and carriage leaving the country-side. He must not get through. Then we must prevent him from eating or sleeping. Food must be locked up. Houses must be barred against him. Clothes are not to be put out to dry, but must be kept indoors. Pray heaven it freezes tonight! Spread the roads with broken glass--he is barefoot. Go through the fields with sticks, beating the air and ground for every inch. There is no telling where he may be. And bloodhounds--we must get out the dogs, for they can smell what cannot be seen. These things sound cruel, I know. But it is our only chance to protect ourselves. This man is a madman. He has cut himself off from his own kind. His blood shall be upon his own head.